On October & Azure Service Fabric IoT Sample

Azure Service Fabric public preview is out today. Check the announcement here http://blogs.msdn.com/b/azureservicefabric/archive/2015/11/18/service-fabric-enters-public-preview.aspx. over most of October I have been busy – as in you wouldn’t get my usual ranting – putting together a reference architecture and sample for IoT on top of Service Fabric the sample is published here https://github.com/Azure-Samples/service-fabric-dotnet-iot
The sample in brief – quoting the docs – is:
“This sample is a reference architecture & implementation for hyper scale IoT event processing. The sample uses compute and storage on Azure Service Fabric and integrates with Azure Storage, Azure Power BI, and Event Hubs.”
Follow the link above for the sample. for the rest of the samples check http://aka.ms/servicefabricsamples be sure to check the “Party Clusters” 🙂
Till next time

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