Stuff I Read

Over the past week I have been wading through some of my to-read list. I thought I’d share some of it

  • Re-read 1978, 1979 papers on Events/Clocks & Reliable Distributed Multi-Processor Systems:
  1. “Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System” here:
  2. “The Implementation of Reliable Distributed Multiprocess Systems” found here:

Note: While I love Leslie Lamport and his ideas, I still believe it is one of the driest reading out there.

  • Created a new Linux dev box for Docker, followed the basic instructions here created few containers based on existing images and created a sample test image. The entire process is easy. Next on the list is to manually setup a mesosphere cluster, I am probably gonna go with this as a starting point.

till next time


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